Diana Wynne Jones
UK 1st Edition Cover Art

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In August 1999 the DWJ mailing list started discussing the cover art of books by Diana Wynne Jones. Of particular interest was the comparison of UK and US editions, and individuals' reviews on how the artwork and jacket design prompted initial expectations and whether it matched their own views of the story.

The low-quality scans of the UK first edition dustwrappers on this site are provided as a resource for edition comparison and as illustration to the reviews. Not all covers are currently shown. If you can help to complete the collection please contact web@maulu.demon.co.uk.

Information about Diana Wynne Jones, reviews of her novels, and artwork from different editions can be found at several other websites, such as Chrestomanci Castle, Gateway to Elsewhere, and Charmed Lives. (For a longer site list use any good web search engine)

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